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Posted by bcomfriend - October 3, 2017
How to Look Cool

When it comes to looking cool, people would likely think of no one else but Steve McQueen. He was known for his villain roles but despite of that, men emulate his style while ladies go gaga over him. Steve McQueen will always be an icon when it comes to everything badass. If you want to copy this icon's style, never forget to include vintage men's rolex watches.

Steve McQueen's style is simply timeless and still far better than today's fashion style for men. Boy's today prefer baggy clothes that do not look so sleek. That get up is a no-no for a real gentleman. In addition to vintage men's rolex watches, there are a few things that men should take note of to look cool and suave like Steve McQueen.

First of all take note of the basic combination. You will need a turtleneck and a blazer. He wore this a lot during the sixties. You will surely look sophisticated and impressing in this basic get up regardless of the time of the day. To make this look even cooler, have sunglasses handy. Do not forget to wear boots to add more oomph. Don't forget to done vintage men's rolex watches with this get up.

Moving on, being tough and rough is does not happen all the time. So, it is good to be able to pull off a three-piece suit when it is necessary. To be like McQueen is to be able to pull of sleek suit as well. You need to be able to pull off this look because jeans and leather jacket do not always work on some occasions. What you will need is a Prince of Wales check-suit, may be in grey, a tie and a crisp baby blue shirt. Wear the suit with a pair of brogues. Top this look off with a choice of vintage men's rolex watches. Keep your hair clean in this look.

Finally, try your best to pull of Steve McQueen's most iconic look. The guys who can pull of the ultimate cool look are scarce. Canvas shoes, white shirt and jeans is McQueen's signature look. It is simple but it is the hardest to pull of. Keep in mind that the tshirt is not baggy but should fit like a glove instead. A pair of Wayfarer sunglasses would polish this look. Also, keep a denim jacket handy. Steve McQueen's gave so much appeal to this very laid back style. Whatever Steve McQueen look you are trying to copy, do not forget vintage men's rolex watches.

In short, you need to have those basic items but regardless of which one you wear, you should have confidence at all times.
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